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"Experience the ocean,
through the eyes of my lens."

Troy Mayne


Welcome to Oceanic Imagery Underwater Photography,

and our wild wet wonderful water world that should be called Planet Ocean! The Aqua-sphere is filled with the most amazing creatures that transcend the phyla.


No other environment on earth is as bio-diverse, or ecologically numerous as the world's oceans. With vast un-described and undiscovered species, the seas are an inner sanctum that is the last bastion of wonderment, discovery, and exploration on our shrinking planet.


Enter, to embark on a virtual sea-fari through the splendid seascapes through Troy's awe-inspiring, award-winning images. Wander through nature's liquid playground, be astonished by her magnificence, and be incited to protect our dying oceans.


Let the sea live!

Life underwater and the most

spectacular creatures you have ever seen

up close and in full color.

Browse Troy's amazing Children's Books featuring the most amazing underwater creatures, photographed and dramatized to entertain and educate the young.

View Troy's best loved, most awarded, and personal favourite images, brought to you by Troy from the deep blue sea.

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