Wally Series Of Children's Books 

"I created the Wally series of books to educate children through the wonders of the ocean and to inspire children to protect it." 

Troy Mayne 

G'day There

The Wally series of books are photographed using real, un-manipulated images taken on the Great Barrier Reef. The stars of the books are Wally (Big Green fish-Napolean Maori Wrasse), Shelley & Casey (two Green Turtles), and a host of other reef creatures, getting into all sorts of adventures, and trouble!

The stories are for children 6 to 60 and include a host of other material to educate children on the theme. Most of the stories have a moral message or theme and also includes information about the animals and the story behind the story.

Currently there are two published books, Sorry Wally & Kind Wally (links below) with another 18 coming soon!

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