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"The Oceans Let Us Live.

Let The Sea Live!"

Troy Mayne

About Troy

Troy Mayne has been exploring and photographing the underworld world for nearly 30 years.

Born in Bunbury, Western Australia, he grew up with the ocean. Soon after joining the Australian Army when he was 19, he completed his open water dive qualification. He fell in love with the marine life he first saw on the Great Barrier Reef and soon completed his Dive Instructor qualifications.


He desperately wished to record and share his amazing aquatic experiences and purchased his first underwater camera system. Six months after taking his first underwater pictures, he had his first article published in an international dive publication.


Troy served in the Australian Army for over 12 years. He served as a soldier and an officer in the Infantry and the Military Police. He served throughout Australia and the World, and saw active service with the first contingent that entered East Timor in 1999 and in Iraq in 2004/2005 as a Private Bodyguard, for the US Department of Defense and the United Nations.


Troy has worked in various capacities within the dive and tourism industry, including Trip Director/Marine Biologist on a cruise ship, reef guide, education officer & dive officer for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, dive instructor, commercial diver, commercial photographer, underwater photojournalist, and Troy dived in the Military. Troy has been a  qualified SCUBA Diver Instructor for over 25 years and attended the Level 3 commercial dive course in the late 1990's. Troy has also owned and managed dive shops in Australia and Asia.


Troy has traveled and dived many various locations around the world. He has won many international photography competitions and has had numerous photographs published in many books, magazines, advertisements, bill boards, calendar's, scientific journals, movies, documentaries, and commercials world wide. Troy has published a series of children's books based on underwater creatures called the Wally series of books found here.

Troy has graciously donated hundreds of images to various not-for-profit organizations and Non Government Organizations dedicated to protecting or educating about the oceans and it's marine life to the community. Troy also donated proceeds from his first children's book "Sorry Wally" to Mary McKillop Institute Of East Timorese Studies dedicated to children's literacy in East Timor and now has his own Charity to improve Literacy in Timor Leste. He has been a volunteer Reef Reef on the GBR, A Justice Of The Peace, and Instructor of Cadets in Australia. Troy Is an advocate for youth education and protection and for the protection of our oceans. A pledge he has taken so seriously he gave up eating all seafood since his first Scuba dive nearly 30 years ago!



Our Aim


Oceanic Imagery is dedicated to producing quality fine art images of the underwater world to inspire compassion, protect our oceans, and incite people to explore and experience the underwater world for themselves. Oceanic Imagery has, and will conduct all photographic activities with respect for the environment and all the animals within. Only images that are a true representation of the subject and its environment at the time it was taken, with minimal post-production manipulation, maintaining integrity of the image, will be produced.




Troy is a multi international award winning photographer, with vast experience in the photography, journalism, & scuba training fields. Troy is available for commercial photography work, both topside and underwater. 

Troy has produced many photos for brochures and websites. He is available to come to your area to enhance your marketing potential in the multimedia streams by providing quality images of your dive sites. He is also able to write journalistic articles for publishing print and electronic media. Troy's fine art images are available for purchase and/or limited license use for all sorts of media. There are many thousands of images available. Please use the contact form below for inquiries regarding images or photographic services available, commercial rates, printing or any copyright inquiries.

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